Welcome to the Irish Book Club

You are here with the Irish Book Club: a place that celebrates books about Ireland, stories that take place in Ireland, or books written by Irish authors. Each book will send you to a third party site to buy the book, as specified by each writer. Please read, buy, share!

The Irish Book Club does not profit from any sales of books!

Authors Post Your Book Here!

If your book is about anything Irish or you are an Irish Author, you can now post your books on our site with loads of information about your book and yourself.

That would include:

A synopsis of the book
A picture of the book
A Bio about you
A picture of you
An audio file link if you have
A Video (please send the embed code to us!)
And especially a LINK to buy your book or books

We charge $65 to post it all and we take NONE of the sales. They are all yours.
We also offer a discount if you want to post additional books.

Why not put your book where the Irish are and eliminate much of the competition?

If you would like to partake of this offer, simply send all of the above information that you have to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Irish American News

National Library of Ireland

American Irish Historical Society

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