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Make Work Great: Supercharge Your Team, Reinvent the Culture, and Gain Influence-- One Person at a Time

Self Help


Got ten minutes a day? -- Then you can create a more successful, more collaborative business culture!

As a manager, you've tried to keep things positive, but nothing seems to work. You can't control the economy, what's going on in your employees' lives, or other factors--so what can you do to build and sustain a winning culture in your workplace?

Whether you are a mid-level manager or a senior executive, Make Work Great offers the blueprint for building a positive, motivating, and productive workplace in any kind of organization. In this definitive guide for today’s multicultural, decentralized business environment, Ed Muzio, award-winning author, internationally recognized workplace improvement expert, and consultant, delivers state-of-the-art analysis, advice and guidance, and scores of team-building and motivation exercises that you and your staff can do in ten minutes a day--without disrupting routines or interrupting important business.

You can't force others to change, but you can control what you do and with whom you engage at work to:

    * Build a positive outlook, one-on-one
    * Enlist a network within your organization to improve your business culture
    * Strengthen peer relationships and improve problem-solving capabilities
    * Take back control of workplace morale and efficiency
    * Inspire others to support, encourage, and collaborate with their team members

There are lots of excuses given for why businesses fail to make the most of their most valuable resource--the people whose work creates the value that drives the bottom line. With Make Work Great, you hold in your hands the key to unlocking your people's potential to exceed expectations, creating synergies out of the disparate talents and abilities they bring to the table, and making your business better able to anticipate opportunities and respond to challenges.



Edward G. Muzio is the president and CEO of Group Harmonics, a seasoned speaker and instructor, and a leader in the application of analytical models to the improvement of human performances. He educates and advises workers and leaders at all levels. Muzio is the author of numerous articles and papers regarding business effectiveness, and is author of the book Four Secrets to Liking Your Work: You May Not Need to Quit to Get the Job You Want.