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Escape from Bellvue: A Memoir of Rock 'n' Roll, Recovery, and Redemption



Indie rock raconteur Chris Campion-one of the few patients ever to escape from Bellevue's locked ward-recalls his band's tumultuous ride, his plummet into addiction, and the strange road back to sobriety.

Chronicling more than twenty years in the life of a Long Island kid who became a hardcore fixture of Manhattan's indie rock scene, Escape from Bellevue is a coming-of-age tale like no other. As the lead singer of New York-based indie rock band Knockout Drops, Campion got a taste of fame (but, alas, no fortune) on a wild ride that lasted from the early 1980s through the 1990s.

Escape from Bellevue puts the spotlight on the collective psychosis of twenty years spent in a rolling bacchanal. Just as the Knockout Drops reached the height of their success, Campion began his downward spiral. After finally coming to grips with his addictions, Campion molded his songs and stories into a sold-out off-Broadway musical. Now, presenting these tales in a memoir of madness and redemption, Campion once again proves to possess the creative genius of a die-hard front man. 



A New York native, Chris Campion is most known for being the lead singer of indie rock band Knockout Drops. His novel, Escape from Bellevue: A memoir of Rock 'n' Roll, Recovery and Redemption, is borne from Campion's off-Broadway play of the same name. The play, which had an impressive sold-out run from 2005-2007,  and novel tells the story of a young Irish-Catholic boy being thrown into the world of early seventies rock music and is based on his own experiences.