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The story of Michael and Mary starts in the years before Major Denis Mahon inherited the 30,000 acre Hartland Estate in Ireland from his uncle. The lands, once owned by the tenants, were awarded to its owners by the King of England during the siege of Cromwell.  This is the tale of two lovers who live through the most turbulent period of Irish History and whose tale is told by their direct descendent. Brutal thuggery, mistaken death, and a tale that spans across a wide sea of time- don't miss this story!

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Mr. Monaghan spent 5 years researching and writing the novel. After he received the newspaper stories of Michael and Mary in 1996, he moved his family to Ireland.

His first contact was with David Corcoran at the Bank of Ireland in Dublin. Through another of astonishing coincidences, Monaghan would learn that Corcoran was a descendant of Kilmacnaneny, Strokestown, County Roscommon.

What Monaghan discovered in Strokestown is now the focus of this Project.

In the Spring of 2002, he was contacted by Don Murray about the possibility of making the story into a film. Murray’s positive review of Monaghan’s screenplay would take the project to the next level.