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The Clutter-Busting Handbook: Clean It Up, Clear It Out, and Keep Your Life Clutter-Free

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Recovered "Pack Rat” Rita Emmett writes that we do not have clutter because we are messy, lazy or disorganized. Clutter comes from just 4 (yes, only 4) habits. Rita gives you a simple compassionate, energizing plan for breaking those habits, for taming clutter and simple tips to help you:

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  * stop saving all those goofy things that you never need or use
        * stop bringing goofy things into your life that you never need or use
        * find places to put your stuff
        * stop setting things down and not putting them where they belong
        * cultivate new habits to keep clutter from returning
        * part with some of your beloved junk … er … stuff, without breaking your heart or making you cry like a baby poodle

    Once you've eliminated un-needed and un-used stuff, and set boundaries on what you allow to come into your home or work space, you will be delighted by how much easier it is to find places for your stuff. AND how much easier it is to find!


Rita, who was born the world's greatest procrastinator, has converted and is now a Recovering Procrastinator. For example, she took 18 years to complete her four-year bachelor's degree, but three years later Rita earned her Master's degree in Adult Learning while raising children, working at a counseling agency, and building her speaking business. Rita is a proud member of the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago. A few other things to know about Rita. She:
    •    has been presenting Keynotes and Seminars to businesses and organizations since 1978.
    •    has taught each of her topics as an eight-week course at Triton and Chicago City Colleges (was adjunct faculty at both for over 15 years), which gives her an enormous amount of material to select from when she customizes a talk for your people.
    •    was published in the Great Speakers Anthology in 1995, and has had dozens of articles published in magazines and newspapers.  
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    •    received the Business and Professional Women's "Woman of Achievement" award.
    •    worked 19 years at a counseling agency (she would like you to believe she started at age 10).
    •    every year is included in the Who's Who In American Education (since 1992), as well as Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the Midwest, The World Wide Who's Who of Women, and Who's Who of American Women.
    •    was the Keynote Speaker at the Governor's Mansion in Springfield, Illinois.
    •    serves on the Professional Women's Advisory Board of the American Biographical Institute.


Rita Emmett's writing possesses the same clarity and spirit as her message. Her book has transformed by life and I continue to live her clutter-busting lessons — as a result, my environment is becoming light and beautiful.
    Story Musgrave, former NASA astronaut

    Thanks to your book, the more I de-clutter, the more peaceful my house is. And as my house becomes more peaceful, I'm becoming more peaceful within myself.
    Jill Hawkes
    Leyden Senior Citizens Program

    As a Professional Organizer, I read a lot of books on organizing as part of my continuing education. There are many organizing books out there on the market these days, and I have to tell you some of them are down right boring! But, not The Clutter-Busting Handbook. Your book is fun to read, because you cover all the basics of organizing in a very light-hearted and up-beat manner. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.
    Dana Rahlmann

    Everyone has a corner in his or her home or office that has become a catchall for a wealth of "stuff." In this entertaining read, Emmett (The Procrastinator's Handbook) aides clutter collectors in identifying "When Enough Becomes Too Much" and doles out advice on how to achieve and maintain an inviting and airy living space. A "Recovered Pack Rat," Emmett argues that living or working in a cluttered environment can take a toll on one's physical and emotional well being: "When you are surrounded by confusion, you feel confused; when you are surrounded by junk, you feel junky." This slim but thorough book helps readers tackle problem areas like closets and garages, and also includes tips on emptying e-mail accounts and clearing out ordinary paper clutter. Emmett lists 50 ways to get rid of and limit unwanted items, naming various charities and online auctions and making suggestions such as share magazine subscriptions with friends. Throughout, she includes helpful "clutter quizzes" that identify bad habits and gives readers practical tips on how to remain focused. With its sound advice and upbeat, encouraging tone, this book will motivate readers to get a jump on their spring cleaning.
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    Publishers Weekly

    I've almost competed the Clutter-Busting Handbook and love it (I knew I would!). Your writing style is so kind and funny.
    Kathleen Beiser